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Hi, I'm Stamatis Kritikos and this is my official site. I'm an enthusiastic web designer from Hell(as). This place used to be my portfolio showcase, but there wasn't any point to continue as such, because SymiSun* (my company) serves this purpose.

As of September 2009, this is my personal blog. I'll write about the web mostly, stylish web design in particular. I like to share my thoughts and knowledge with fellow web designers or just plain web users. I'll try to be simple and give away every detail.

Relax and enjoy your stay here, you are welcome.
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Add multiple rel attributes and keep Shadowbox working

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I recently upgraded one of my websites and wanted to use Shadowbox as a lightbox option. I also wanted to utilize rel=”nofollow” for external pictures.

On my site engine of choice there’s a plugin that will assign this code:
To all external links (including links to pictures). If it finds an existing rel attribute it will append it like this:
rel="nofollow lightbox"

I had installed Shadowbox properly and it was working just fine for internal pictures. But for external pictures it wouldn’t work and it would break javascript.

It seems you cannot add multiple rel attributes when using Shadowbox because it messes up javascript. So I studied shadowbox.js real quick and found this part:
var relAttr=/^(light|shadow)box/i

I asked a bright developer friend of mine and he told me what this does is to look for the “lightbox” or “shadowbox” word at the beginning of the rel attribute string, so if it doesn’t come first it will break js.

The solution is simple. I just had to remove the ‘^’ character. So replace the code above with this:
var relAttr=/(light|shadow)box/i

Enjoy :)

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Force download files and not open in browser

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Are you tired of asking your users to right-click and “save link/target as” in order to download your .pdf (or game generated) files? Find out how to force download those files in any modern browser. Read the rest of this entry »



Remove Dotted Outline VS Accessibility

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Remove the annoying dotted outline on links and form elements, keeping accessibility (and usability) intact… styling it too! Read the rest of this entry »



Site Development Finally Resumed

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I know this took too long, but September is the month this site will come to life at last. I’m currently working on the content and making some final mods. Expect full launch in the final week of September 2009.



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